“How to Transform Yourself into the Sexy, Confident Woman You’ve Always Wanted to Be – Regardless of Your Current Age, Appearance, or Situation”

I’ll Show You the Exact Steps to Succeeding as a Woman – Even if You’ve Never Done It Before and Even if You Think You’ll Never Pass for Female …



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Welcome, Girlfriend:
  • Does life feel like a constant battle between your male and female sides?
  • When you present yourself as a woman, do you worry that people see you as nothing more than a “guy in a dress”?
  • Do you feel trapped in an identity that isn’t you? (Or at least, isn’t the WHOLE you?)

If you’re reading this right now, then I know you’ve got a woman inside of you that’s longing for expression.

But I’m guessing that most aspects of your image – from the size and shape of your body, to your voice and movements – still say “man”.

Well, what if I told you that thousands of people just like you have found a solution?

People who have overcome the curse of being a “woman trapped inside a man’s body” and now:

  • Enjoy total confidence in their ability to pass or blend in as women.
  • Have the thrill of knowing that their outer image matches who they are on the inside.
  • Are not only accepted but ADMIRED as classy, beautiful women.

You deserve the same.

That’s why I want to show you how to become the woman you are destined to be … no matter how impossible it might seem right now.

Here’s How I Can Help You

lucille-sorellaMy name is Lucille Sorella. I’m an image stylist and femininity advisor who specializes in working with crossdressers and MTF transgender women.

I help girls just like you achieve images that express who they truly are.

Here are a couple examples of my work:


male to female transformation - sara

male to female transformation - angie


I am a HUGE advocate for transgender rights, but I have to admit that there is one thing that upsets me …

Many the crossdressers and transgender women I see in public look so ridiculous, they make the entire transgender community look bad!

I know these gals try hard to look good, but the simple fact is that they’re making fools of themselves.

80% of Crossdressers and Transgender Women Make These Same Mistakes Over and Over Again

Some of the mistakes I see crossdressers and transgender women make include:

  • Dressing like hookers
  • Acting nervous and awkward in public
  • Wearing tacky makeup
  • Talking like a “gay guy”
  • Walking like they just got off a horse
  • Wearing clothes that are 10 years out of date

It’s not their fault that they didn’t get the proper education on how to present themselves as women.

But is it any wonder that so many people stare and laugh when they see a crossdresser or transgender woman in public?

Frankly, I’m getting tired of it. That’s why I’ve decided to do something about it …

You see, I don’t call myself a “feminization expert” just because I was lucky enough to have been born a female. You can learn a lot from a genetic woman, but that’s only half the story.

My years of experience as an image stylist, makeup artist, and dancer have made me an expert in creating an attractive feminine image.

My background in fashion, makeup, and photo styling taught me how to create the illusion of beauty, while my dance training made me an expert in the art of captivating movement and performance.

I’ve used this knowledge to transform hundreds of clients into the beautiful and CLASSY women they’ve always wanted to be … and now I want to help you.

How to Overcome the Curse of Being a “Woman Trapped Inside a Man’s Body”

I truly believe that anybody – even the burliest truck driver – has the ability to pass or blend in as a woman. But it doesn’t happen by chance.

Creating a CONVINCING feminine image requires special skills.

Some of these skills are common sense, but many are counterintuitive. And most are the exact opposite of anything you’ve heard before.

I’ve identified 6 “alluring arts” that must be mastered to successfully present yourself as a woman:

  • Makeup & Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Curves
  • Moves
  • Voice
  • Inner Allure

If even one of these areas is off, you’re going to blow your cover and risk making a fool of yourself.

I’ve identified the critical skills you need in each of these areas and have put them into a SYSTEM that will take you from being a prisoner of your gender … to the freedom that comes from having an unshakable feminine image.

Best of all, you can succeed regardless of your current age, appearance, or weight.

Introducing …






The “Stepping Out Secrets Program” is a comprehensive male to female transformation program that will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of becoming a woman.

I’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to do to transform yourself into the beautiful, classy, and confident woman you’ve always wanted to be.

This 45 piece downloadable kit consists of:

  • 14 Featured Videos
  • 5 Special Reports and Worksheets
  • 6 Expert Interviews
  • 20 Cheat Sheets
  • Access to an interactive Member’s Area

I poured my heart and soul – and my years of experience – into creating The Stepping Out Secrets Program”.

But I didn’t stop there …

I realize that I don’t have ALL the answers. That’s why I invited other top feminine image experts to contribute their specialized knowledge.

Let me introduce you to the guest experts that I hand picked to assist with your transformation:

Learn from My Team of Special Guest Experts

CHRIS SCOTT / Makeup Artist
Chris Scott is the CEO and founder of The Makeup Gourmet Studio in San Francisco and is the author of "The Cosmetics Counter Survival Guide". Not only is Chris known in the industry for his Authentic Beauty Makeup, he has extensive experience with transgender makeup.
ERICA THAMAN / Licensed Cosmetologist
Licensed cosmetologist Erica Thaman is a top hair stylist and wig expert. She has extensive experience in all aspects of hair styling and is certified in wigs and hair extensions. She has helped thousands of women increase their confidence by improving their appearances.
ALICE KIM / Fashion Stylist
Alice Kim is the owner and founder of Veritas Image, a New York based image management company. Alice has over 12 years of fashion experience and worked as a fashion designer for 10 years. Alice helps men and women improve the quality of their lives by enhancing their personal presentation.
ROB BRINDED / Movement Coach
As a movement and conditioning coach, Rob trains elite European athletes and has worked with the English Natural Ballet. One of his specialties is feminine movement. He has helped hundreds of actresses, models, and everyday women how learn to move in a naturally sexy way.
GINA ROMAN / Fitness Trainer
Gina Roman is a professional model and fitness trainer with extensive body sculpting experience. As a fitness expert, Gina helps women lose weight and reshape their bodies.
KATHE PEREZ / Speech Language Pathologist
Certified Speech Language Pathologist Kathe Perez is the founder and president of Exceptional Voice, Inc. Kathe is world renowned as a leading Voice Feminization Specialist. Her techniques have helped thousands of transgender patients develop beautiful, feminine voices.

You Won’t Find These Breakthrough Feminization Secrets Anywhere Else

Whether you choose to express your femininity at home, on the Internet, or in the real world, you no longer need to be trapped by an image that doesn’t match who you really are.

Best of all, because “The Stepping Out Secrets Program” is a downloadable program, you’ll get a complete female education from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you need is a computer and Internet access.

To make things as easy as possible, I broke the program down into 6 “modules” covering each of the 6 elements of a beautiful feminine image.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover in each module:





Here’s What’s Included in Module 1: Makeup & Beauty

  • Featured Video: TG Makeup Basics Tutorial – Step 1: Eyes
  • Featured Video: TG Makeup Basics Tutorial – Step 2: Skin
  • Featured Video: TG Makeup Basics Tutorial – Step 3: Lips
  • Featured Video: TG Makeup Basics Tutorial – Step 4: Contouring + Cheeks
  • Featured Video: TG Makeup Basics Tutorial – Step 5: Mascara
  • Expert Interview with Chris Scott: Transgender Makeup Basics
  • Expert Interview with Erica Thaman: Sexy Hair Secrets
  • Cheat Sheets highlighting the key points from the Featured Videos and Expert Interviews

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Module 1: Makeup & Beauty

  • Everything you need to know about how to apply makeup like a pro – even if you feel like you were born with 2 left hands.
  • How to disguise your “male” features while bringing out the hidden beauty in your face.
  • The top 4 makeup mistakes crossdressers and transgender women make. (You’re probably making at least one of these mistakes RIGHT NOW.)
  • Are you over age 40? Here are 2 easy hairstyle tricks that will make you look 5-7 years younger – instantly.
  • A 3-step criteria for choosing the most feminizing hairstyle. (Your hair has more of an impact on your face than your makeup does, so this information is critical.)
  • How to conceal your beard shadow WITHOUT getting that heavy, caked-on, “drag queen” look.
  • The uncensored truth about hair loss treatments. (You’ll also discover cosmetologist-approved techniques for making your hair grow faster.)
  • And much more!





Here’s What’s Included in Module 2: Fashion

  • Special Report: Transgender Style Secrets
  • Featured Video: The Ultimate Wardrobe Building Guide
  • Expert Interview with Alice Kim: Femme Fashion Secrets
  • Cheat Sheets highlighting the key points from the Featured Video and Expert Interview

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Module 2: Fashion

  • How to use clothes and accessories to draw attention away from your male trouble spots – while creating the illusion of curves.
  • Easy-to-make fashion mistakes that will “out” you every time.
  • How to stop wasting money on clothes that don’t work for you. (This tip alone will save you hundreds of dollars this year.)
  • The “ABC’s” (Accentuate, Balance, Conceal) – a simple 3-step process for feminizing your figure.
  • Why it is absolutely crucial to wear the right colors. (Studies show that 50% of non-verbal messages come from color!)
  • Wardrobe-expanding techniques that make your old clothes look new and fashionable.
  • How to choose clothes that make you look younger, sexier, and more feminine at any age.
  • And much more!





Here’s What’s Included in Module 3: Curves

  • Special Report : The Ultimate Curves Building Guide
  • Featured Video: How to Get Feminine Cleavage
  • Featured Video: The Bombshell Body Workout
  • Cheat Sheets highlighting the key points from the Featured Videos

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Module 3: Curves

  • The fastest and easiest way to create an hourglass shape. (These strategies even work for apple-shaped girls.)
  • How to choose the perfect breast forms for your body. (And why SIZE is only half the equation.)
  • 2 easy exercises for toning your waist – including those pesky love handles.
  • Unbiased advice on the best breast forms, waist cinchers, and padded panties on the market. (Most of these items are unreturnable, so check this out before wasting money on the wrong thing.)
  • The truth about whether or not herbs and hormones can transform your lower body.
  • A step-by-step guide to creating feminine cleavage (even if you have ZERO breasts).
  • How to sculpt and shape your hips and butt.
  • And much more!





Here’s What’s Included in Module 4: Moves

  • Special Report: Feminine Body Language Secrets
  • Featured Video: How to Walk Sexy
  • Featured Video: Feminine Movement Reprogramming Routine
  • Expert Interview with Rob Brinded: Feminine Movement Secrets
  • Cheat Sheets highlighting the key points from the Featured Videos and Expert Interview

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Module 4: Moves

  • How to achieve a sexy hip sway WITHOUT looking forced or unnatural. (Since we both know that nothing will “out” you faster than walking like a drag queen!)
  • A 2 minute exercise that trains your body to move like a woman’s.
  • The secret of the “S-Curve” and how it can instantly make you look more feminine whether you are sitting or standing.
  • The 6 most important elements of a sexy, feminine walk.
  • The simple fix that instantly feminizes your gestures (even if you have the grace of a truck driver).
  • What “3 dimensional” movement is and why it is KEY to achieving a feminine walk.
  • How to master the art of walking in heels. (Including how to maneuver stairs with the skill of a beauty queen.)
  • And much more!





Here’s What’s Included in Module 5: Voice

  • Featured Video: Feminine Communication Secrets
  • Expert Interview with Kathe Perez: Transgender Voice Feminization Basics
  • Expert Interview with Kathe Perez: Advanced Voice Feminization Secrets
  • Cheat Sheets highlighting the key points from the Featured Video and Expert Interviews

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Module 5: Voice

  • The 9 most important differences between male and female voices. (Pitch is only the beginning!)
  • The simple daily exercise you MUST do if you want to achieve a passable feminine voice.
  • 4 ways that women speak differently from men. (It’s not just the sound of your voice, but what you SAY as well).
  • The single biggest voice feminization mistake most crossdressers and transgender women make.
  • How to laugh, cough, and sneeze like a girl.
  • How to go from structured exercises to spontaneously speaking in a beautiful, feminine voice.
  • The truth about voice feminization surgery.
  • And much more!





Here’s What’s Included in Module 6: Inner Allure

  • Featured Video: Secrets to Stunning Self-Confidence
  • Worksheet: Creating Your Ultimate Feminine Persona
  • Cheat Sheets highlighting the key points from the Featured Video

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Module 6: Inner Allure

  • How to instantly boost your self-confidence before you step out as a woman. (Remember, confidence is half the battle of passing!)
  • Why you must develop confidence on all 3 levels – mental, emotional, and physical – if you want to permanently increase your self-esteem.
  • How to move your body to project confidence (and femininity!) to yourself and others.
  • 5 physical “quick fixes” that can instantly boost your self-esteem.
  • The #1 way to eliminate any self-doubts you might have about expressing yourself as a woman.
  • How to “borrow” the confidence of a Victoria’s Secrets supermodel – or any other super confident woman you admire.
  • And much more!





Here’s What’s Included in the Photo Posing Bonus Module

  • Featured Video: Feminine Photo Posing Secrets
  • Special Report: 50 Photo Poses Gallery
  • Cheat Sheets highlighting the key points from the Featured Video

Here’s What You’ll Discover in the Photo Posing Bonus Module

  • How to take high quality self-portraits – even if you have a cheap camera and zero photography skills.
  • The #1 thing you should NEVER do in photos if you want to look feminine.
  • Warning: Flaws you see in person are even MORE obvious in photos. Here’s how to compensate with specific hair, makeup, and fashion tactics.
  • The must-know celebrity pose that gives you an instant hourglass shape.
  • The single most important secret to taking beautiful photos. (Note: This is what separates SUPERMODELS from ordinary models.)
  • 50 of the best feminine poses to copy in your own photos – including standing, sitting, reclining, and close-up poses.
  • And much more!

You Also Get Access to the Interactive “Stepping Out Secrets” Member’s Area



As an added bonus to “The Stepping Out Secrets Program”, you will get access to a private member’s area where you can view and download the program content and interact with me and the rest of the girls.

The Freedom that Comes From Having an Unshakable Female Image

Here are just a few of the life changing benefits you will enjoy when you download your copy of “The Stepping Out Secrets Program” TODAY:

  • Experience the thrill of looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection that matches who you are on the inside.
  • Feel 100% confident in your ability to pass or blend in as a woman.
  • Discover satisfying new ways to express your femininity.
  • Feel like a complete woman for the first time in your life.
  • Experience the joy that comes from being your true feminine self.

This is Your Invitation to Join Me

My goal isn’t just to transform you into a woman … It’s also to change the way society views crossdressers and trangender women.

I want to prove to the world that crossdressers and transgender women can be every bit as feminine, attractive, and respectable as genetic women.

And I’d like YOU to help me do this by becoming one of my success stories!

So let me ask you …

What is having a passable feminine image worth to you?

To hire me or any of my guest experts, you’d have to pay between $75 and $150 per hour EACH. But if you order “The Stepping Out Secrets Program”, you’ll get access to our BEST feminine strategies for a fraction of the cost.

The cost for the complete 45-piece downloadable “Stepping Out Secrets Program” is only $127.00. This includes all the Featured Videos, Special Reports and Worksheets, Expert Interviews, Cheat Sheets, and access to the interactive Member’s Area.

Click here to place your order now for only $127.00.

Note: Your billing statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM and the nature of your purchase will not be revealed. Every order is 100% confidential.

As soon as you’ve completed your order, you will be redirected to a login page where you can immediately access “The Stepping Out Secrets Program” Member’s Area and program content.

If you have any questions or need tech support after purchasing, simply send us an email and we will respond within 12-24 hours during business days.

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Here’s a Recap of Everything that’s Included in “The Stepping Out Secrets Program”

  • 14 Featured Videos
  • 5 Special Reports and Worksheets
  • 6 Expert Interviews
  • 20 Cheat Sheets
  • Access to the interactive Member’s Area

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A 60-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of your feminine journey. The only way I am able to sleep at night is knowing that you are seeing REAL results from my programs and that I am helping you become the woman you are meant to be.

That’s why all I am asking you to do today is say “MAYBE” to “The Stepping Out Secrets Program”

Download the Featured Videos, Special Reports, Worksheets, Expert Interviews, and Cheat Sheets to your computer and test my program risk-free for 60 days.

If FOR ANY REASON AT ALL you decide that this isn’t for you, just let me know and I will send you a no-questions-asked, 100% refund within 1 business day.

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I can’t wait to share this life changing information with you. Order today and I’ll see you in the Member’s Area!



Lucille Sorella
Creator of “The Stepping Out Secrets Program”

P.S. Remember, this is the most comprehensive male to female transformation program ever created. I’ve helped thousands of crossdressers and transgender women start new lives as women. YOU could be my next success story!

P.P.S. With my 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by giving “The Stepping Out Secrets Program” a try.

Click here to place your order now!

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Here’s What People are Saying About Lucille Sorella and “The Stepping Out Secrets Program”

With your help, I have begun a successful modeling career.


Hi Lucille, I wish to personally thank you for your help, guidance, and invaluable information that you provide to me and to our community. With your help, I have begun a successful modeling career.

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.



Your program is working wonders for me.


Your program is working wonders for me. Because of you I’m blossoming into a girl. Women have actually commented on my feminine appearance and treat me like one of the girls.

Thank you ever so much for all you’ve done & will continue to do.



I was so delighted to finally find a source of really wonderfully intelligent, insightful, and compassionate information.

I came across your site for the first time today and was so delighted to finally find a source of really wonderfully intelligent, insightful, and compassionate information. I really can’t tell you how much I wish I had found it years ago.

I have always found that GG’s can be so cruel to people like myself and it’s truly wonderful to find a women who is understanding, supportive, and welcoming.

Thank you so much and please keep up the great work.



You’ve filled me with inspiration and enthusiasm to feel confident I’ll live and be the woman that’s within me.

I’m over the moon I found you and this site. You’ve helped me a lot with your tips and you’ve filled me with inspiration and enthusiasm to feel confident I’ll live and be the woman that’s within me. Thank you.



Thank you for doing the upfront legwork to provide us the this complete resource.

I just love your “Stepping Out Secrets Program”. I’m learning so much and also validating some of the things I’m doing correctly – thank you for doing the upfront legwork to provide us the this complete resource.

I have to echo the many compliments our girls have posted, in thanking you for your love for us, and for your great resources.


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